5 Reasons to Have Your Carpets & Upholstery Cleaned Before Holidays

Holidays are here. And it’s time to celebrate occasions, events, parties, and many more. Isn’t it? But about the cleanliness especially carpet cleaning. With a bunch of fun in your holidays, it’s normal to forget about the carpet cleaning. But just imagine the consequences of not cleaning your carpet regularly.

Filthy carpets are the sign of bacteria and germs in your house. Do you know almost 20,000 bacteria reside on your carpets in just one inch square? You are living with millions of bacteria. This finally results in various complications such as mood swings, colds, coughs, etc. 

This is the reason it’s recommended to clean the carpets before the holidays. Or else, you feel burdensome and disturbs your fun mood. Here are a few more reasons to clean your carpets or upholstery before your holidays. Carpet Cleaning Group DC is a business that delivers the best carpet cleaning in the entire Washington, DC area.

Want to know? Yup. Then, dive in.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery Before Holidays?

If you are confused about whether to clean carpets and upholstery before the holidays, then here’s the simple answer. A big “YES”.

Cleaning your carpets and other household furniture before the holidays is an added benefit to enjoy your holidays completely without any disturbances However, here are a few advantages of cleaning carpets before holidays.

  • Get rid of carpet cleaning chore in your holidays

As discussed earlier, it becomes burdensome to spare special time for carpet cleaning during holidays. So, it’s better to clean before your holidays. Or else, it ends up with several complications such as muddy and filthy surroundings.

  • Create healthier surroundings

Create healthier surroundings by cleaning the carpets and upholstery regularly. Usually, the carpets have 4000 times more dust and dirt than your toilet seats. Imagine how dangerous it is to have unclean carpets in your home.

  • Swipe up the stains and dirt from your carpets until your guests notice them

It is discomfiting to have heavy-dirt carpets when there are guests in the home. However, regular vacuuming does not eliminate complete dirt and stains. So, it’s necessary to clean the carpets with proper sanitizers or cleaners.

Clean the carpets or any upholstery in your house before your guests identify it. We delivered quality carpet cleaning dc services.

  • Say bye-bye to allergies

Carpets are made using several chemicals and other volatile chemical compounds. As time passes, they start to omit the harmful chemicals. So, it’s important to clean them at a regular time. Or else, people who are sensitive to skin problems may face severe issues.

Moreover, it leads to allergies and disturbs the holiday mood and fun. So, make sure to clean the carpets before the holidays.

  • Sanitize for kids

It’s pretty common to have several kids at the time of occasions or when there are holidays. Isn’t it? So, it’s important to sanitize the carpets to prevent allergies and other illnesses in kids as they are too sensitive. These are the few reasons to clean your carpets and upholstery before the holidays. Hope you understood the importance of cleaning your carpets before your holidays. What do you say? Feel free to connect with us and join the discussion